Doleta LTD is one of the most modern and innovative window and door manufacturer in both Lithuania and Europe. It is highly acknowledged for its wooden, wood-aluminium windows doors, facades, winter conservatories.

The same factory that operates today in Jieznas has been running there since 1953. Soon after Lithuania became independent, in 1992, company name Doleta LTD has been established. Since then it has been amoung the fastest growing companies in the country.

Doleta products have been shipped to different parts of the world. From Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine in the East to the Austria, Germany, England, Ireland and the USA in the West. From Norway, Denmark, Greenland in the North, to Spain, France, Italy in the South.

Cooperation with architects and partners from different countries, constantly determine the demand of non-standard products and solutions. A team of 20 engineers have designed and developed 35 different window and door construction solutions.

With our exports reaching over three quarters of our production, we are well experienced in packing and shipping windows around the world as well as meeting demands of the international market.


Doleta team has almost 30 years of experience in making and installing windows. Constantly improving the quality and creating innovative solutions. Our modern factory facilities is home to a team skilled craftsmen and talented engineers working together to make your dream home a reality


Our mission is to deliver you the best product for a reasonable price. Since our factory managers are experts in production efficiency, we can offer you a product that is extremely competitively priced for the quality that you get.

Delivery Time

from 6-8 Weeks

We know how difficult it is to find windows that can be delivered with tight deadlines. Our company has decades of experience working in challenging situations. Our factory is run according to lean management methods, optimizing production processes where ever possible. Delivering you the quality product as quickly as possible