Doleta IV-78

  • Dikte van de houten profielen – 78/98 mm
  • Dikte van de glazen panelen – 28/40/44/52 mm
  • Twee afdichtingslagen
  • Aluminium lekdorpel van eigen ontwerp
  • U-waarde maximaal 0.79 W/m2K
Doleta IV 78
Doleta IV 78 Profile

One of the main features of this system of windows is that they are easily adaptable to both residential and commercial applications. The systems are manufactured utilising various types of engineered triple layered wood.

The 78mm thick beams characterise high strength and exceptional thermal insulation qualities; and can be fabricated to suit a variety of applications and diverse shapes such as round, elliptical, rectangular, arched and many others; to further enhance the features and characteristics of your windows they can be decorated with various items including figure-glazing, mouldings and other decorative finishing details.

Doleta IV78 wooden windows can be either glazed with a double or triple glazed units. Alterations to enhance the performance qualities both thermally and acoustically of the system can include the change to a thicker 44mm triple glazed unit instead of the standard 28mm double glazed unit.

These window systems are very easy to operate; benefitting from the selection of materials used in their fabrication, and offer varying opening and security features that can be engaged within the constraints of a proposed space where the windows are to be installed and the required features desired. Opening options include swing, tilt, slide and concertina.

The Doleta IV78, fabrication and production features are established and associated with the long-lasting quality of different furniture manufacturing processes; these are easy to operate and to meet the various needs and standards required.

Another feature of the Doleta IV78 window is that the external features are covered with aluminium design cladding, that provides not only an exceptional aesthetic look, but also guarantees the durability of the unit.

Assessments undertaken in 2012 by the KTU (Composite and Finish Material Laboratories of The Institute of Architecture and Construction of KTU) to analyse the IV78 systems for enhanced water resistance tests; yielding exceptional results and withstanding three times more than the water pressure requirements. Class 9A peak value; 600 Pa with the Doleta IV78 system remaining sealed even at 1800 Pa. The evaluation of all the technical data regarding the Doleta IV78; and concluded that these windows offer an exceptional price- performance ratio.